The Flora Burn

mapThis here blog serves as the documentation of the voyage of the Flora Burn on the Northern Forest Canoe Trail, a 750 mile water trail from Old Forge, NY to Fort Kent, ME.

Captains of the voyage are Mahsa and Morrigan. We leave on July 18th and have 36 days to complete the trail before heading back to work and school.

We hope you’ll check in often and see what we are up to!

You can reach us via email at and on Twitter @floraburn



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  1. Wow,

    Nice site, I am section paddling the trail and I live vicariously through the blogs of through paddlers, I wish I had the time to do it myself. Remember that while the trip is a wonderful adventure it is also a lot of plain hard physical work.

    There is a convieniece store on the portage from 6th to 7th lake so you can get a cold soda and a candy bar. I just checked the weather for Old Forge and it looks like you might have a shower but the winds are out of the SSW at 10 mph which will be great. Plan on figuring out how to have the bow woman rig up a sail. Mountain Man Outfitters in Old Forge is a great shop.

    I wish you the best of luck and hope you have a great time.

    Tail winds and Blue Skies,

    Chris Gill

  2. Morgi (& Mahsa) – Am having fun following your adventure. Also watch the weather reports with some trepidation for your safety … appears to be the coolest & wettest July on east coast. Be safe, eat lots! Love you, Kathy

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