Day 35: We Made It!

August 21, 2009 at 11:45 pm | Posted in NFCT | 4 Comments
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Us at the end of the NFCT in Fort Kent, ME

Us at the end of the NFCT in Fort Kent, ME

35 days after leaving Old Forge, NY we have arrived in Fort Kent, ME and the end of the Northern Forest Canoe Trail. 740 miles of paddling, portaging and lets face it mucking our way through the Northern Forests. We can’t say it was always graceful or pretty but it was fantastic fun and adventure. We’ll be a bit sad to leave the daily camp life behind but coming home sounds pretty good right about now (especially with all the storms moving in!). We paddled hard for the last week putting in 30+ mile days. 4am starts got us across some of Maine’s largest lakes without a hitch. The sunny days and warm weather made sure we didn’t have to do any more knee deep wading in mud and the Allagash river was a friend as well as a challenge. Its quick waters sped us along and its rapids pushed us into admitting we have actually learned a thing or two along this trail. The rapids were amazing fun and the scenery enchanting. We saw 5 moose in one day! Swimming along in the water beside us. As we paddled into Fort Kent today we saw and Eagle swooping and diving for prey in the water. A fine mist hung over the St. John Valley and we were reminded of how lucky we have been to see and experience the past 5 weeks. Thanks to everyone along the way who made it all work. From the guys at the dam who gave us cold water on the hottest day to the ranger at Chamberlain lake who gave us brownies when we looked pretty defeated to Kathy at Kathy’s Country Store in Vermont whose ice cream mended all wounds and hornet stings and everyone else along the trail…you made it work out and made it all possible. You are all as much a part of the adventure as the many dozens of water ways we traversed.

We have pictures glalore and even more stories and we can’t wait to share them with you all. We’ll be updating the blog as soon as we can with our journal entries from the trip.


Mahsa, Morrigan and The Flora Burn



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  1. Congrats, you two!! Amazing that you did it all and only a few short weeks (few in the more than three sense…) after sitting in your living room with maps and gear lists. I am very impressed. Looking forward to hearing stories and pictures in JP!

  2. Congratulations! Your adventures were fun to follow and it’s impressive that you finished in 35 days? Great Job,

  3. I’d love to see a trip report of the whole thing in our canoe forum. It sounds like you guys had an awesome trip. I wish that I could spend 35 days in my canoe.

    If you do post something make sure to link back to your wonderful blog.


  4. Congrats again. I think we met you in Rangley this summer. We have a little dog we adventure with named Moxie. We are geared up to run the NFCT this summer. A thousand question come to mind but first would have to be. How did you and your canoe get home from Ft. Kent??? Our one dilemma.

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