Day 17

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We woke up and took advantage of the sunny day by airing out all our wet gear.

Our lunch spot

Our lunch spot

We talked to the attendant about having Flora washed (per lake Memphremagog regulations to prevent Zebra muscles and invasive aquatic plants). He was kind enough to do it for free! Saving us from having to explain that we didn’t have any Canadian money. We then set off across Lake Memphremagog in beautiful sunny weather. The lake is truly magnificent. We stopped for lunch and water after a time and saw a funny old man swimming around in a speedo! Somewhere along our paddle we crossed from Canada to the U.S. The only marking of this were some buoys floating out in the water.

When we arrived in Newport, VT we tied Flora u to the ducat the marina (right next to the harbor masters boat!) and went to check-in with U.S. customs. But no one was there! Outside the office was a phone that it was indicated one should use if no one was in the office. Mahsa picked up the phone and a nice man on the other end (who knows where he was, could have been in Indiana for all we know) answered. She gave our names and where we had been and where we were going.

phoning customs

phoning customs

He asked for the name of our boat to which Mahsa replied “it’s a canoe”. He didn’t really know what to do with that. You could see him trying to find the right check box for canoe on some form. Mahsa then said “it’s a green canoe if that helps”. Apparently that did because the guy sounded relieved. After this we headed into town to see about arranging a shuttle around the lower Clyde and some big rapids. We made arrangements for a shuttle the next day found out where the local library was and then headed back to our canoe. A quick paddle across the bay got us to the camp ground (mostly if not entirely RV’s). Some of these RV’s were definitely there for the whole summer. One even had a vegetable garden! We set up camp and headed down the hill to where we heard there was a nice little restaurant, the Eastside Grill. To say we gorge ourselves would be an understatement. Best of all was the all you can eat salad bar. Fresh vegetables have been in short supply on this trip.

With over full bellies we made our way back to camp and lights out.


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