Is that a Canoe I See?

March 29, 2009 at 12:24 am | Posted in Canoe Training | Leave a comment
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Why yes it is!!!

Yesterday was a sunny fine day. Made even better by the fact that my friend Mahsa and I acquired our very own canoe!

We are now in the midst of fully preparing for are grand adventure. In July we set out to complete the Northern Forest Canoe Trail a 750+ mile water trail starting in Old Forge New York and ending in Kent Maine. I’m sure you can guess that its going to be wicked fun, but also hard and sometimes it’ll suck (imagine the famed Maple swamp full of flies and mosquitoes). But what an adventure!

We’re going to be starting a blog soon and sending out an announcement about our trip. Here are some pictures of our lovely new Canoe!



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